Book Review: Fates And Furies explores marriage with a satisfying, unsettling story

I read Fates And Furies in a day. I meant to read maybe a chapter or two, but I read all the way though until nearly midnight, and then lay in bed staring at the dark ceiling for another hour, mulling over what I had read, where it had taken me, and what to think of it all.

I should have known. Lauren Groff is a gorgeous writer, a New York Times-bestselling author, a winner of numerous awards and prizes, praised by critics and writers alike. And from the first time we meet the main characters there is a sense of difference, felt from only a few sketched details: “She was fair and sharp in a green bikini, though it was May in Maine and cold. He was tall, vivid; a light flickered in him that caught the eye and held it. Their names were Lotto and Mathilde.” A …

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