Book Review: David Nicholls’ Us travels through the uncharted territory of a couple’s marriage

David Nicholls’ novel One Day (which was much, much better than the movie) traces the developing relationship between a man and a woman over a series of several years, focusing on a single day at a time. For his follow-up, Nicholls returns to the long-term relationship well, as Douglas describes his decades-long marriage to Connie, who has just told him that she thinks she wants a divorce. Unfortunately, she tells him this right before a big European trip with their son, and the couple agrees to try to put any divorce talk on hold until after the trip. As Douglas puts it, “And so the condemned man, presented with his final meal, is reminded that at least the cheesecake is delicious.”

Douglas is an introverted scientist, Connie a vivacious and effervescent artist, their college-bound son Albie an appropriate combination of both. So it’s surprising that Nicholls would make his …

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