Book Review: A YA horror anthology builds steam (and scares) as it progresses

The dedication page on Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, an enjoyable new collection of horror shorts, reads, “For everyone who read Stephen King when they were way too young.” It’s a funny inscription (proffered by anthology editor April Genevieve Tucholke), but it also slyly invites the potential young reader to read between the lines of the meaning. Hey kids, it suggests, like all proclamations by adults saying they did something at too early an age. You’re never too young to read Stephen King.

Horror still clings to the disreputable side of the library, especially the children’s library. Regardless of your thoughts on King (or V.C. Andrews, for that matter), the genre continues to carry an air of pulp trashiness, something to be consumed and discarded, the bubblegum of YA literature. The question of YA’s own snide dismissal among many bibliophiles is its own problem …

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