Block & Tackle: When a game turns into a blowout, it pays to keep watching

Block & Tackle is John Teti’s column about pro football.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ road matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers did not go well for the visiting team, as the Chiefs forgot to set their alarm clocks and didn’t wake up until the fourth quarter of the game in which they were ostensibly participating. The final score was 43-14 in the Steelers’ favor. NFL statisticians are still reviewing the footage, though, and they may have discovered more Pittsburgh touchdowns by the time you read this.

The rout was on early: At halftime the Steelers had already built a 29-0 lead. This created a dilemma for NBC, which was contractually obligated to televise this game but morally obligated to entertain its audience, Little Big Shots notwithstanding. Thus, with the outcome in little doubt, Sunday Night Football shifted into blowout mode. Most people change the channel for blowout mode, but …

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