Block & Tackle: Let’s say something nice about all the NFL broadcast partners

Block & Tackle is John Teti’s column about pro football.

Pro football fans are in for a special treat this weekend: All of the games will be televised, on television. This massive undertaking will involve the world’s biggest sports network—ESPN—and almost all of the major national broadcast networks, except ABC, which instead will program its Sunday afternoon with something called Timbersports Series. “The nation’s top lumberjacks compete in the ultimate test of strength and agility,” reads the description for Timbersports Series on ABC’s official schedule—like anyone would want to watch chainsaw-fueled mayhem when the excitement of touchbacks is available just a few clicks down the dial.

As for the NFL’s non-ABC broadcast partners, well, they take a lot of harsh criticism here in Block & Tackle. That’s because, as an asshole with an internet column, I obviously know better than licensed …

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