Block & Tackle: In praise of Rex Ryan, the NFL’s Donald Trump

Block & Tackle is John Teti’s column about pro football.

The national news story of the year is Donald Trump, the real estate billionaire who retired from his reality television career to enter the less intellectually demanding field of presidential politics. The former Apprentice star is dominating not just the news cycle but also the Republican primary polls. If presidents in this country were chosen based on who’s most popular 14 months before the election when nobody really gives a shit—the way the Framers intended—then Donald “The Donald” Trump would be our commander-in-chief.

Trump’s rise has been fueled by his willingness to eschew the standard media approach for national candidates, which is to speak often while saying as little as possible. Instead, Trump addresses his followers with directness and force, bringing the same swagger to his truth-telling (e.g., his remarks on the pernicious influence …

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