Binge And Purge: Week 19: It’s the end of the purge as we know it (and I feel fine)

In Binge And Purge, The A.V. Club‘s Josh Modell is going through his collection of 2,000 CDs, writing a bit about each artist, and then purging the unnecessary in the hopes of cutting that number in half by the end of 2016. Read the intro here.

Wesley Willis: Wesley Willis is a Chicago legend for good reason: His massive frame was matched only by the joy he took in singing—and the mental illness that plagued him. It would be easy, especially in hindsight, to think that people listen to Willis’ music to make fun of him, but in my experience that wasn’t the case. His songs—pretty much all the same keyboard demo song, which he sang/talked over—were naïve and the very definition of “outsider art,” but those who loved them genuinely seemed to be cheering for Willis. He sang about his favorite …

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