Big Issues: Two new releases spotlight Tom King’s sharp, sophisticated storytelling

Each week, Big Issues focuses on newly released comic books of significance. This week, they are The Sheriff Of Babylon #1, written by Tom King (Grayson, The Omega Men) with art by Mitch Gerads (The Activity, The Punisher) and The Vision #2, written by King with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Cable And X-Force, Magneto) and colors by Jordie Bellaire (Magneto, Injection). These two issues showcase the talent that has made King a breakout star of the past year in comics, offering two very different narratives that are equally complex and immersive. (Note: This review reveals major plot points.)

Since launching Grayson with co-writer Tim Seeley and artist Mikel Janin last year, Tom King has made a thrilling ascent through the ranks of comic-book writers. He proved that he can do spectacular things on his own with The Omega Men, a title that has taken a C-list DC superhero team …

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