Big Issues: The story never really dies in Prophet’s beautiful conclusion

Each week, Big Issues focuses on a newly released comic-book issue of significance. This week, it’s Prophet: Earth War #6. Written by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy with art by Graham, Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis, and Grim Wilkins, and colors by Graham, Joseph Bergin III, and Lin Visel, this issue concludes one of Image Comics’ best series by spotlighting all the stories still left to be told. (This review reveals major plot points.)

Prophet doesn’t get mentioned enough in discussions of the current Image Comics renaissance, but it’s been a groundbreaking title for the publisher. In the wave of exceptional new series released by Image over the last four years, Prophet is distinct, because it has a strong connection to the publisher’s origins, revamping the superhero character created by Rob Liefeld in the pages of Youngblood and using John Prophet as the foundation for a dramatically different …

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