Big Issues: The chilling Batman #44 explores the tangled roots of urban crime

Each week, Big Issues focuses on a newly released comic book of significance. This week, it’s Batman #44. Written by Scott Snyder (Wytches, American Vampire) and Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman) with art by Jock (Wytches, Detective Comics) and colorist Lee Loughridge (Black Canary, Catwoman), this flashback issue delves into the complications of Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting mission, setting him on the path that leads to his present-day status quo. (This review reveals major plot points.)

After becoming a victim of a random act of violence as a child, Bruce Wayne trained himself to become a master fighter and detective in hopes of saving others from his cruel fate. He puts on a costume and a mask and beats up bad guys as Batman, but is he healing Gotham City or keeping the cycle of violence in motion? This week’s Batman #44 forces Bruce to consider the …

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