Big Issues: Black Bolt’s prison break escapes the conventions of superhero storytelling

Each week, Big Issues focuses on a newly released comic book of significance. This week, it’s Black Bolt #3. Written by Saladin Ahmed (Throne Of The Crescent Moon) with art by Christian Ward (ODY-C, The Ultimates), this issue’s creative experimentation intensifies and informs its prison-break story. (This review reveals major plot points.)

Sometimes superhero comics feel like a prison, a place where promising creators are forced to restrain their individual voices to serve larger corporate interests. Black Bolt blasts through those prison walls.

A superhero prison drama starring a lead character who can level cities with a single word, Black Bolt tackles big ideas like the morality of incarceration while telling the story of a king coping with the loss of both his authority and freedom. Trapped in an alien prison, Black Bolt has lost his power down to a genetic level, and the setting has neutralized his …

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