Bestcasts: Song Exploder’s Hrishikesh Hirway picks his 3 favorite episodes of his podcast

Bestcasts asks podcasters to discuss the three most memorable episodes of their podcast. Ties are allowed/encouraged. For more podcast coverage, see Podmass, The A.V. Club‘s weekly roundup of the best ‘casts out there.

The podcaster: As the latest member of Roman Mars’ Radiotopia family, Song Exploder is riding high. The podcast and its host Hrishikesh Hirway have recently locked down a number of marquee guests for its in-depth and artistically arranged chats, including members of U2, Death Cab For Cutie, and Arcade Fire. Encouraged by Hirway—but in a way that’s generally mostly edited out of the podcast—each episode finds a musical guest expounding on how a single one of their songs was created—U2’s “Cedarwood Road,” for instance—from mental inception to actual recording. It’s a process that’s endlessly fascinating for both music fans and casual observers alike, particularly when guests …

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