Bestcasts: Podcaster Anna Sale picks the worst death, best sex, and craziest money

Bestcasts asks podcasters to discuss the three most memorable episodes of their podcast. Ties are allowed/encouraged. For more podcast coverage, see Podmass, The A.V. Club‘s weekly roundup of the best ‘casts out there.

The podcaster: Anna Sale has always been a storyteller. As a former political reporter, she interviewed voters on the 2012 campaign trail about policy issues that affected their everyday lives and heard stories about family, work, and stability. To her, it became the most interesting part of her job. So when a contest opened up at WNYC to pitch a new show, where she was working as a writer, she took the weekend to think about what her dream job would be. It involved spending more time with these stories focusing on what she describes as “real things we struggle with alone.”

She wrote up the idea with a bold name that described these …

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