Best of: The year in swag 2015: Celebrating the many perks of the ivory tower

There are a lot of perks to occupying this, the highest peak in pop culture’s ivory tower. Us A.V. Clubbers are, on a daily basis, lavishly plied with all manner of semi-marketable garbage, from fancy picnic baskets packed with name-brand candy to potentially lifesaving survival kits that could, in theory, keep us alive after the zombie apocalypse comes. (Lord knows we have no real-life skills that would keep us alive otherwise.) Granted, we also get crappily burned CDs, itchy and ill-fitting T-shirts that go straight to Goodwill, and dozens if not hundreds of pieces of plastic garbage we never asked for, let alone wanted, but that’s the price we pay for our access to opulence.

In celebration of our continual quest to rake in all the promotional shit we can, The A.V. Club has once again compiled its guide to our year in swag. Below …

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