Best of: The least essential TV of 2015

2015 will officially go down as the year of “peak TV,” an idea that instantly commandeered the small-screen zeitgeist. Television has never felt like a more daunting medium, with broadcast, cable, and online platforms rolling out more worthwhile content than can comfortably fit on the average DVR hard drive, let alone fit into the average person’s schedule. As TV becomes an even greater embarrassment of riches with each new premiere, there’s less time to waste on the banal, the trite, or the subpar. We at The A.V. Club try not to live with regrets, but these are the shows that most made us wish we’d invested in one of the other hundreds of options out there.

Least essential new shows

The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (Netflix)

Shrek may have worn out its welcome by the time the fourth film came around, but Puss In Boots …

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