Best of: The best movie trailers of 2015

What makes a great movie trailer? As with the films they sell, there’s no one answer. Some trailers provide a strong impression of their “product,” letting viewers know what to expect without spoiling the twists and turns. Others work as stand-alone objects, almost independent of what they’re advertising. And a few are just flawless at what they do, tantalizing with a tried-but-true bag of tricks—the perfect music cue, the perfect sequence of images, the perfect revelation of that one scene, that one line that will make the film in question a must-see.

About all the 10 trailers singled out below have in common is that they’re artfully constructed, and plenty entertaining on their own. Oh, and they all premiered sometime in 2015—hence the absence of Mad Max: Fury Road, Inside Out, and Avengers: Age Of Ultron, whose best spots all dropped in 2014. Did we …

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