Best of: The best film scenes of 2015

Not every great movie has a standout great scene, just as not every great scene comes from a great movie. That’s our convoluted way of saying that The A.V. Club looked both high and low for the best scenes of 2015, culling from a whole spectrum of films—some likely to appear on this week’s best-movies-of-the-year list, others unlikely to appear on any such list, and at least one certain to get called out in our public shaming of the year’s worst movies. If a scene works, in or out of context, it had a shot at getting mentioned in the unranked love fest below. Proceed with caution, of course: When talking great scenes, spoilers are inevitable, though we did manage to highlight our consensus pick for the best of the bunch—a grand finale, just like our number one choice last year—without giving away …

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