Best of: The 2016 A.V. Club readers’ poll results are in

You voted in the direct democracy that is The A.V. Club‘s readers’ poll, and the results below represent the final, no-futzing tallies of 2016’s pop culture you found the best, worst, and most disappointing. A.V. Club readers are enthusiastic about Arrival and Stranger Things, dislike Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice as much as we did, and—in a rare consensus between A.V. Club staff and readers—you agree with us that David Bowie’s Blackstar is the best album of 2016. Thanks for voting. You can view all your valuable opinions below.


The best film of 2016 is…

1. Arrival
2. Moonlight
3. The Lobster
4. The Witch
5. Deadpool
6. Captain America: Civil War
7. Hell Or High Water
8. Green Room
9. The Nice Guys
10. Manchester By The Sea

The best performance of 2016 is…

1. Amy Adams, Arrival
2 …

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