Best of: The 15 best albums of 2015

It might sound cliché at this point, but in 2015, the music industry bounced back. Maybe not all the way back to its mid-’90s peaks of excess, but relatively speaking in today’s terms. Taylor Swift made buckets of money touring her 1989 record, Adele broke long-held sales records with 25, and everyone with a radio and a slight interest in pop music waited with bated breath to see whether Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna would turn and drop a surprise record. (No, no, and yes, if a week’s notice still constitutes a surprise.) But the records that made the biggest impact this year were by the musical warriors, the artists that—like Kendrick Lamar—draw as much critical praise for their genius brains as they do label bucks for their relative fame. These acts might not be selling out Swift-sized arenas yet, but the work they’re …

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