Best of: The 100 best films of the decade (so far), #51-100

The tough truth about year-end lists is that they’re usually composed in a hurry. When we first started talking about putting together this list last year, part of what appealed to us about it was the chance to rethink old rankings and to catch up with each other’s favorites—a chance to revisit and rediscover, and to try to define this halfway-done decade.

It was a project months in the making. Deciding the best films of the past five years meant organizing the largest film poll The A.V. Club has ever attempted, based on a new system, different from the one we’ve traditionally used for year-end coverage, which factored in both points and votes in an effort to find a more accurate consensus.

Unsurprisingly, the results were diverse, placing experimental documentaries next to blockbusters, IMAX extravaganzas alongside next-to-no-budget indies. This is, after all, the present we …

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