Best of: The 100 best films of the decade (so far), #21-50

Now we’re past the halfway point of The A.V. Club‘s half-decade film survey. Yesterday, we introduced the first 50 of our 100 favorite films of the past five years. Today, we’ll be taking a look at numbers 50 through 21, where you’ll find sci-fi enigmas, small-town murders, fractured marriages, wolves both real and figurative, and three very different visions of the end of the world.

The final part of the list, which includes our 20 favorite films of the 2010s so far, will appear tomorrow.

50. Amer

Even the most devoted fans of giallo, that Italian genre of rampaging killers and intrepid detectives, would probably concede that nobody loves these movies for their stories. Who hasn’t watched, say, Suspiria, and secretly felt the urge to just fast-forward from one amazing set piece to another? With Amer, two French directors, Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani …

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