Best of: From Train to Star Wars electronica, this is 2016’s least essential music

While The A.V. Club spends much of December praising the year’s best works, it’s also a time to reflect on the ones that left us scratching our heads. This isn’t necessarily the worst music of the year, but these albums left lingering questions about why they exist and who they are for. Dive in, friend: This is the least essential music of 2016.

Ace Frehley, Origins, Vol. 1

Covers have been a staple of Ace Frehley’s repertoire since his first eponymous solo album, when his rendition of Hello’s “New York Groove” became a surprise hit. But while all of the former KISS guitarist’s records have featured a cover of some sort, it’s doubtful anyone was clamoring for an entire album of them—besides Frehley’s label, that is, which suggested he throw one together as a failsafe, just in case 2014’s …

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