Bacon Hub: Which of these kitchen gadgets is best for makin’ bacon?

Bacon’s recent revival amongst the culinary cognoscenti invigorated the taste buds of pork lovers everywhere. It also inspired any number of innovators, who sought ways to create a better strip of bacon. Some wanted to make it less greasy, others crispier, and a few pioneers even considered bacon’s shape and ways to manipulate it. Because we’re a curious (and hungry) bunch here at The A.V. Club, we figured a test was necessary to see if these products actually do prove themselves to be a worthy alternative to the age-old skillet.

Bacon Boss

What is it? The Bacon Boss is a big, clunky contraption that promises cleaner, crispier bacon from the microwave. It works like this: place four to six strips of bacon on the tray, then screw down the tempered glass lid, which presses the bacon to keep it flat and squeeze out the fat as …

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