AVQ&A: What scene always makes you hungry?

Welcome back to AVQ&A, where we throw out a question for discussion among the staff and readers. Consider this a prompt to compare notes on your interface with pop culture, to reveal your embarrassing tastes and experiences, and to ponder how our diverse lives all led us to convene here together. Got a question you’d like us and the readers to answer? Email us at avcqa@theonion.com.

This week’s question comes from reader Sean Connell:

What scene from a film or television show never fails to make you hungry? For me, it’s undoubtedly the “dinner in prison” scene from Goodfellas. Immediately, I desire a good pasta, preferably without “too many onions” but with pork in the meatballs, as “that’s the flavor.”

Cameron Scheetz

As far as I’m concerned, the most gratuitous scenes from Blue Is The Warmest Color are the lingering, intimate shots of …

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