AVQ&A: What are you reading in September?

Caitlin PenzeyMoog

I just finished two very different books on abortion. The first was Katha Pollitt’s Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, which I followed up with Leah Hayes’ Not Funny Ha Ha, a graphic novel that depicts two women getting abortions. I hadn’t planned to read the two back-to-back, but Hayes’ graphic novel put an appropriately human touch on Pollitt’s more academic take on abortion rights. Pollitt’s a columnist for The Nation and poet, and her defense of abortion is supported by statistics and studies conveyed in pleasantly lyrical prose. Only a little dry in parts, Pro was valuable for me because while I’ve always thought of abortion as a right all women should have easy access to, I’d never reified the many reasons abortions are necessary and found it difficult to marshal my arguments against my anti-abortion family members. Pollitt convincingly lays out how …

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