AVQ&A: What are you reading in November?

We’ve expanded the regular AVQ&A discussion prompts to ask several of our regular contributors (and you) a simple question: What are you currently reading? If you have suggestions for future AVQ&A questions, big or small, email them to us here.

Alex McCown

I’ve been eagerly awaiting a chance to tuck into Lillian Ross’ Reporting Always: Writings From The New Yorker, a collection of her essays for the magazine, and this month finally provided me with the opportunity. Having more or less developed the modern template for the entertainment profile around the middle of the 20th century, this book brings together many of those pieces, and in doing so makes a strong case for the virtues of the fly-on-the-wall journalist. Ross never inserts herself into her pieces narratively; instead, she lets her perspective manifest solely through artfully chosen words that describe her subject. And what subjects: Ernest Hemingway, Coco …

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