AVQ&A: What are you reading in January?

We’ve expanded the regular AVQ&A discussion prompts to ask several of our regular contributors (and you) a simple question: What are you currently reading? If you have suggestions for future AVQ&A questions, big or small, email them to us here.

Cameron Scheetz

I’ve been a fan of Megan Amram for a little while now. She’s part of the revered Parks And Recreation writing staff and I can’t get enough of her absurdist, wordplay-heavy Twitter feed, so I was pretty delighted when I heard that she’d be bringing her talents to the literary world. Her first book, Science…For HER!, is a textbook by way of the modern lady-baiting magazine, like Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire. The premise is simple yet ingenious and allows Amram to make some great puns (select readings from the book include “Carbon Dating” and “Bachelors Of Science”) while completely destroying the confining …

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