AVQ&A: What are you reading in August?

We’ve expanded the regular AVQ&A discussion prompts to ask several of our regular contributors (and you) a simple question: What are you currently reading? If you have suggestions for future AVQ&A questions, big or small, email them to us here.

Marah Eakin

I have a tendency to read anything dumb, fluffy piece of (sigh) chick lit or girl-centered YA fiction that comes into the office, just because it’s mindless entertainment that gets me away from a screen for a little bit. (Plus, I like it, whatever.) That tendency has been amplified by the fact that it’s August now and I just got back from a vacation, meaning I absolutely needed some total shit to read on airplanes, trains, and in hotels. Yes, I have a non-fiction book about authenticity in music I’ve been meaning to read, but that kind of stuff puts me to sleep on …

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