AVQ&A: Newman, meet Waluigi: 10 of our favorite “unlikable” characters

Welcome back to AVQ&A, where we throw out a question for discussion among the staff and readers. Consider this a prompt to compare notes on your interface with pop culture, to reveal your embarrassing tastes and experiences, and to ponder how our diverse lives all led us to convene here together. Got a question you’d like us and the readers to answer? Email us at avcqa@theonion.com.

This week’s question comes from reader Juliana Espinosa:

Who is your favorite “unlikable” character? These are the folks meant to be unfriendly, evil, or just reprehensible in some way.

Clayton Purdom

This one’s a little bittersweet, given that actor Miguel Ferrer just died in January, but I am a part of the small contingent that believes Albert Rosenfield was damn-near the best part of Twin Peaks. The hard-nosed FBI hotshot that saunters into the little town hates everyone the …

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