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Newswire: No, Katy Perry, you can’t trademark “Left Shark”

Left Shark, thou art no this sick beat. Today in “Let’s Plant A Flag In Everything Because ‘The Public’ Is An Outdated Concept” news, it seems that Katy Perry is being briefly thwarted in her efforts to capitalize on your fleeting amusement at her flustered backup dancer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pop singer’s initial attempt to register a […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Science fiction bloopers prove it’s hard to say those lines with a straight face

Bloopers in comedy are a foregone conclusion. Stick around during the closing credits of the latest Apatow production and you’re bound to see clips of Seth Rogen breaking, cackling, or devolving into improvisatory bedlam. Bloopers in other genres are more rare—and, by virtue of the fact that they’re often trying so hard to be serious, are typically more satisfying. Science […]

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Newswire: True Detective’s new poster touches the darkness of the L.A. freeway

Promotion for the upcoming season of True Detective has already given us Is it an explosion? The Aurora Borealis? A fun trashcan campfire, where colorful hoboes gather ‘round to swap stories, heat up their hobo beans, and play harmonica renditions of songs about drinking and trains? We won’t know for sure until after June 21, but the dour tagline, “We […]

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Newswire: The Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar! will be a musical, composer reveals

As Joel and Ethan Coen consistently reveal nothing about their current projects, it wouldn’t have been surprising if Alex Karpovsky declaring their new film to be “zany” were the last bit of news about Hail, Caesar! until its February 5, 2016 release. However, two longtime Coen collaborators, composer Carter Burwell and sound mixer Skip Lievsay, were willing to expand a […]

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Newswire: And now we have four—yes, four—Robin Hood movies in development

Since the one phrase Hollywood executives like more than “remake” is “public domain property,” there’s been a glut of film projects recently that all traffic in the sweet, sweet realm of intellectual property you don’t have to pay anyone to use. And since the other thing Hollywood executives love is not having to do the hard work of finding those […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Here’s an impressive Lego recreation of the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer

While it’s become common to re-interpret various scenes or pieces of pop culture via Lego, rarely is it done with such attention to detail and impressive verisimilitude as in this recent video. Toscano Bricks (aka Antonio Toscano) painstakingly used numerous Lego sets to recreate the second TV spot trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, capturing each shot, beat, and special […]

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