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TV Club: The Simpsons: “The Musk Who Fell To Earth”

It’s not that Elon Musk isn’t famous enough to guest star on The Simpsons as himself. Musk—billionaire entrepreneur, inventor, visionary, and so forth is certainly a powerful and influential guy, even if he’s not possessed of the sort of pop cultural name recognition the regular Simpsons celebrity self-parodier enjoys. It more that, from the title on down, “The Musk Who […]

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Newswire: Dropkick Murphys “literally hate” Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, want him to stop using their music

Here’s a hot one for fans of Boston-based punk bands and organized labor: The Dropkick Murphys have declared that they “literally hate” Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, and they want him to stop using their music at his political events. As reported by Inquisitr, the Murphys’ announcement came as a response to Walker using “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” as his […]

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Sundance: Sundance 2015, Day 3: Noah Baumbach and a stellar crowd-pleaser on a day of comedy

Tough choices are a part of every major film festival. How do you decide what to see and what to skip? Do you prioritize high-profile fare, which may have been selected entirely for its high profile, or do you roll the dice on something small and new, hoping to make a discovery? There’s no science to comprehensively covering a fest, […]

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TV Club Classic: The Simpsons (Classic): “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D’oh!-cious”

“Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D’oh!-cious” (originally aired 2/7/1997) In which the Simpsons get a nanny who appears slightly familiar… “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D’oh!-cious,” while one of the most successful Simpsons parodies, points to a universal truth as only The Simpsons can: Taking care of kids is the hardest job in the world. They really will ask you for a tissue when they have a Kleenex box in […]

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Newswire: Showtime is developing a series based on the Lonely Hearts killers

In the 1940s, a man and woman traveled around the country placing personal ads in newspapers and murdering the women who would respond, probably because there wasn’t anything better to do in the ‘40s than senselessly kill people. Dubbed “The Lonely Hearts Killers,” the pair fell in love and lived happily ever after—at least until they were executed for all […]

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