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TV Club: Shameless: “Drugs Actually”

If “Drugs Actually” isn’t an Grade A episode of Shameless, then it’s hard to say what such a thing would look like. “Drugs Actually” has everything that makes Shameless so addictive when it‘s firing on all cylinders: dysfunctional love; emotional turmoil; weird, gross sex; pitch-black humor; and brave, breathtaking performances. It’s about people living complicated lives the only way they […]

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One Track Mind: John Darnielle discusses and performs “Stabbed To Death Outside San Juan”

It’s been three years since the release of The Mountain Goats’ last full-length album, Transcendental Youth. In that time, Mountain Goats’ mastermind John Darnielle became a father, published his first novel, and stockpiled songs inspired by a youthful fascination with professional wrestling. The squared circle is a fresh setting for Darnielle, but Beat The Champ—which arrives in North America via […]

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Newswire: The next season of Sherlock will probably end on another crazy cliffhanger

For some fans of BBC’s Sherlock, the most exciting part of the show is always the agonizing multi-year wait between each season. It gives Benedict Cumberbatch time to star in every movie, it lets co-creator Steven Moffat decide which Doctor Who characters will secretly have been dead/Cybermen the whole time, and the fans get a chance to work on their […]

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