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TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 3”

Ever since Danny Rayburn returned to the Keys, mostly unspoken tension has vibrated between the rest of his family, sometimes bursting into brief blasts of rage, as seen in the many altercations in “Part 2.” When the siblings do talk explicitly about their feelings on Danny, it’s usually in broad strokes. He’s a screwup. He always leaves. He can’t be […]

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TV Club Classic: The Simpsons (Classic): “The Canine Mutiny”

“The Canine Mutiny” (originally aired 04/13/1997) In which Santos L. Halper destroys his credit history… Bart Simpson represents an ever-present challenge for The Simpsons‘ writers. He’s always walking a fine line between Dennis The Menace and The Bad Seed, and only through careful balancing does Bart come across as a mischievous, rebellious kid who occasionally lacks empathy but never lacks […]

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Newswire: Universal Studios is making a Fast & Furious-themed attraction

For years, Universal Studios’ theme parks have delighted people who didn’t feel like going anywhere Disney-themed with attractions based on popular movies. Unfortunately, today’s tourists are too savvy to be impressed by old-fashioned movies like Waterworld, Jurassic Park, and The Transformers, they need something that’s a little faster and a lot more furious. It’s appropriate, then, that Universal Studios’ next […]

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What’s On Tonight: As winter (technically) comes to an end for the year, so do Girls and Looking

Here’s what’s going on in the world of television for Sunday, March 22nd. All times are Eastern. Top pick Girls / Looking (HBO, 9 / 10 p.m.): On the Girls fourth season finale, everyone tries to convince Laird and Caroline not to go through with a home birth, but since the episode is called “Home Birth,” we’re thinking they do […]

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TV Club: Bloodline: “Part 2”

Danny Rayburn’s return to the Keys has uncovered old wounds, quite literally and figuratively. When a kayaking accident lands Robert in the hospital with head trauma, the Rayburn siblings all process in different ways. Kevin—exposed here as the family hot head—immediately thinks Danny, who was with their dad at the time of the accident, had a deliberate hand in it. […]

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