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Great Job, Internet!: Paint your brain with the use of color in True Detective’s title sequence

One of the biggest changes between seasons one and two of True Detective is that Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle, now played by Vince Vaughn, cleaned up his act, moved to northern New Jersey, and opened a number of successful Chuck E. Cheese franchises. Actually, none of that is true, but if you haven’t tuned in to season two yet, there’s […]

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Newswire: WE tv orders Empire-type docuseries about rappers’ spoiled kids

Prompted in part by the success of Empir—and because people really like trashy celebrity TV—WE tv has ordered a six-part series about the children of famous rappers. Growing Up Hip-Hop will follow six different hip-hop progenies who are, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “challenged with maintaining their own identity while evolving the hip-hop sound and culture they came from.” They […]

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Newswire: No, the Beyoncé building isn’t shaped like a giant butt

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is a rich, talented, and powerful woman who nevertheless is best known in certain corners of the internet for her butt. (She’s also known in other corners of the internet as a goddess—sometimes literally—however, which tempers that somewhat.) Anyway, Beyoncé is a huge celebrity who can’t cross the street without being mobbed by photographers, which is why […]

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Coming Distractions: The Goosebumps trailer has arrived to terrify all ’90s kids

We’re not sure how today’s children feel about R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books, what with all of the horrors that life in 2015 already offers. But we know that ’90s kids loved them more than Micro Machines, Wonder Balls, and whatever else is on those pandering lists of things that only ’90s kids will remember. Still, on paper, a movie based […]

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Newswire: Life imitates The Onion as marriage-equality story heads to the big screen

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in the landmark case Obergefell V. Hodges on June 26, after which approximately 63 percent of Americans put rainbow overlays on their Facebook profile photos. But even with the legal decision and Facebook backing marriage equality, it won’t really be recognized until there’s an Oscar-winning movie about it. And it’s apparently […]

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