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Great Job, Internet!: The apocalypse is full of laughs in this Walking Dead/Seinfeld mashup

Now that Rick Grimes and his merry band of killers have settled down in the idyllic, zombie-free environs of Alexandria, it’s time for The Walking Dead to stretch itself and take on a new format: wacky, fish-out-of-water high jinks. The addition of a laugh track and Seinfeld‘s signature slap bass to this cut of the latest Dead episode takes the […]

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Movie Review: Vince Vaughn goes soft again in the faux-raunchy Unfinished Business

The domestication of Vince Vaughn continues unabated in Unfinished Business. Over the past 10 years, Vaughn appears to have taken the heartfelt settling-down resolution of Wedding Crashers as a career directive as he’s made his way through adult rites of passage like painful breakups (The Break-Up), relationship maintenance (Couples Retreat), the adult navigation of broken families (Four Christmases), accepting parenthood […]

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Great Job, Internet!: 2 Chainz smoked the world’s most expensive joint

GQ has teamed up with rapper/man of leisure 2 Chainz to make a web series about the finer things in life, appropriately titled Most Expensivest Shit w/ 2 Chainz. In the newest episode, 2 Chainz heads to Stogz Tobacco to partake in the world’s most exorbitantly priced joint. Accompanied by his “doctor,” Dr. Dina (shockingly, the self-proclaimed inspiration for Weeds […]

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Movie Review: Faults slowly, skillfully transforms from one kind of movie to another

At first glance, Faults appears to be a cringeworthy comedy of embarrassment in the tradition of Larry David and Ricky Gervais. Its protagonist, Dr. Ansel Roth (stalwart character actor Leland Orser, taking magnificent advantage of a rare leading role), is introduced attempting to pay for a hotel meal using a recycled voucher that he fished out of the trash; while […]

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TV Club: Man Seeking Woman: “Branzino”

After the entertaining and eventually joyful “Stain,” the latest entry from Man Seeking Woman is disappointing, failing to capitalize on the energy of the previous episode’s closing scene. In “Branzino,” Josh casts a wide net looking for a new relationship and eventually settles for Rachel, who while not his first choice, at least lives in-state. Josh is determined to make […]

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Movie Review: A small-time swindler loses his mind in the darkly funny Buzzard

The classic American underground film may seem extinct, but every year or two, as though through some fluke of recessive creative genes, one pops up in the indie landscape. Buzzard is one of these freaks of nature. Aggressively lower-middle-class, Joel Potrykus’ black comedy tackles loserdom as though it were an existential condition. It’s a movie of nervous cringes and subterranean […]

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