Apple to Release iNails – Smart Nail Polish

The Dialy Jobard

Sources say that due to a recent breakthrough in nail polish technology, Apple has discovered a way to  display small portions of your iPhone screen on your finger nails, or wherever you paint their new mobile display polish.

Simply plug the USB port into the nail polish bottle to sync your phone to the nail polish technology and go to the iNails app to set the display for each nail.

iNails include a variety of display options including text message display, email display, and a display of a variety of apps.  You can also set your nails to be able to change volume and song selection, answer phone calls, and send preset messages to friends.

While the technology will most likely not appeal as largely to the male population, Apple still believes that iNails will be wildly successful among female iPhone users.

The new technology is still in the testing phase but is expected to begin production by June of 2015 and should be available for purchase by December of 2015.

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