All Men Must Die: All Freys must die: Your guide to who died this week on Game Of Thrones

Valar morghulis. All men must die, and Game Of Thrones cold-opens season seven with Arya ticking up her kill count by several dozen. As her bloodlust grows, her old buddy The Hound’s heart seems to soften. Here’s your guide to the recently deceased.

Roughly 50 Frey men

Screenshot: Game Of Thrones

Who died? What looks to be more or less all of Walder Frey’s adult male descendants, a motley bunch of cap-wearing dudes who helped their father plan the Red Wedding, where Catelyn, Robb, and Robb’s wife, Talisa, pregnant with their child, were all murdered.

How did they die? Arya Stark, wearing Walder Frey’s face, poisoned their wine. In a nice touch, the wine was served to the men by downtrodden-looking women, who have never fared well in House Frey. In another nice touch, they were murdered in the same dining hall where Arya’s …

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