Adapt And Die: Charlie’s Angels was always in on the joke—until it became a video game

Adapt And Die is an ongoing look at how works of film, television, and literature have been distorted in lousy games.

When the first of two Charlie’s Angels movies produced by Drew Barrymore arrived in theaters in late 2000, you could practically smell the lack of enthusiasm. In the ongoing series of old television shows remade into movies, no one was exactly clamoring for more Charlie’s Angels. The film itself even points this out, with a blatant wink to the audience during LL Cool J’s pre-credits cameo. “Another movie from an old TV show,” America’s 17th-favorite rapper groans, noticing the in-flight entertainment of T.J. Hooker: The Movie. It seemed an all-too-likely attitude from the actual audience in the theater.

Which is what made the film’s critical and commercial success a minor miracle. Rather than trying to ape the vibe of the show, or retro-fitting …

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