A.V. Undercover: Josh Rouse covers Blind Melon

Josh Rouse was a critical darling right out of the gate, with his 1998 album Dressed Up Like Nebraska, a sorta-ode to his home state. He’s drifted around the musical map since then—and drifted around the world, calling Nashville and Spain home at various points over recent years. Rouse’s latest album is this year’s fabulously mellow The Embers Of Time. Here, the singer-songwriter tackles the only real hit by Blind Melon, 1992’s “No Rain.” The song was accompanied by a cute/treacly video featuring a girl dressed in a bee costume, and she became something of an icon for a post-grunge world. She didn’t show up for Rouse’s version, which is probably for the best. Enjoy.

The year so far:

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Philly Boy Roy covered Styx
Screaming Females covered Taylor Swift
Leighton …

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