24 Hours Of: 24 hours of horror with the new masters of the genre

As as become a tradition here at The A.V. Club, in honor of every creepy kid’s favorite holiday, this year we’ve once again summoned our experts in the art of horror to put together a hypothetical 24-hour movie marathon guaranteed to keep you up at night. (Beyond, you know, the 24 hours you’ve already been awake.) And since we got such a hair-raising mix of films in the 2014 edition of this feature, we’ve decided to once again turn to 14 genre filmmakers for their recommendations.

As we did last time, we asked each director to pick one film, and we stuck to directors who are relative newcomers to the horror genre, with a few notable exceptions. (You’ll have to read on to find out who.) Like the last time we put a list like this together, there’s no unifying theme, although certain …

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