12 Days of Bacon: A killer brown-butter bacon chocolate chip cookie from one of America’s best chefs

We’re not usually prone to hyperbole, but pastry chef Dana Cree made one of the best chocolate chip cookies we’ve ever tasted.

Cree, the James Beard Award-nominated chef of Chicago’s The Publican, came up with a cookie using brown butter and crispy bacon bits. Whereas other recipes have you incorporating cold butter into the mixture, the fats used in Cree’s cookie are liquid—melted, but not hot. The flour gets hydrated differently than usual, which creates a cookie that’s crisp around the edges and teeth-sinking soft and gooey as you bite into the center. It’s also one of the easier cookies you’ll make.

If at all possible, use the metric measurements (grams).

Brown-Butter Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
Recipe by Dana Cree, The Publican

Photo: Kevin Pang

1/2 (120 g) cup melted butter liquid, but not hot
4 tablespoons (60 g) bacon fat …

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