11 Questions: Let’s remember all of 2016’s 12th Questions

For the past year or so, The A.V. Club has used its 11 Questions feature to ask celebrities about their first concerts and most embarrassing phases. Part of that feature—the 12th question—also asked the interviewee to come up with a question for the next interview subject without generally knowing who they were. Those 12th questions have been weird, smart, and fun, and it seemed a shame to end 2016 without putting them together all in one piece. Thus, the following, which puts together the daisy chain of randomness known as “the 12th questions.”

Rob Huebel asked:

RH: What is your phone number?

Deon Cole answered:

DC: Hilarious! [Laughs.] What’s my phone number. Really? I can’t give my phone number out. My phone number would be everywhere—everybody and their mom would be calling me. But that’s a funny question to ask.

And then he …

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