11 Questions: Casey Wilson tells us the worst advice she ever got from a director

In 11 Questions, The A.V. Club asks interesting people 11 interesting questions—and then asks them to suggest one for our next interviewee.

Casey Wilson is probably most beloved around these parts for her role as the a-mah-zing Penny on ABC’s gone-too-soon hangout sitcom Happy Endings. But she’s also known for a stint on Saturday Night Live, as the screenwriter of Bride Wars, and for starring in two Hotwives series on Hulu, which spoofs Bravo’s Real Housewives series. This past year, she appeared as Tig Notaro’s girlfriend in the series One Mississippi, and her Housewives-themed podcast with co-star and creator Danielle Schneider was listed in our Best Podcasts Of 2016. Wilson is also developing a new comedy for Hulu with her friend June Diane Raphael.

At the A.V. Club‘s recent comedy festival in Chicago, Wilson and Schneider hosted a Bitch Sesh night …

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